Kefalonia – The Island

Kefalonia is one of the most popular summer destinations for vacations in Greece as it is the largest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Islands. Venetian aura hovers over the whole island, especially noticed around the Venetian Castles which stand on many hills and islets, but also noticed though the remarkable architecture of the old mansions ans establishments around the island’s villages and of course in the island’s capital, Argostoli.

Countless bays and capes, caves of mythical beauty, as it is the Melissani cave, as known as Cave of the Nymphs, fields, olive groves, forests of black firs and the highest mountain of the Ionian island’s, the legendary Ainos, all these form an unparalleled geological mosaic of kaleidoscopic beauty which shall charm any visitor. The island’s enchanting shores and innumerable beaches will also leave no one untouched: the renowned Myrtos and Antisammos, Petanoi, Xi and of course Platys Gialos with its thin golden sand and its crystal water which is just a stone’s throw away from the center of Argostoli (3 km). A rare beauty, idyllic and diverse, suitable for someone searching for adventure, serenity or fun, Kefalonia doesn’t keep its secrets hidden but just waits for the visitor to reach the island and generously gives them to him