How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer? | John Foy & Associates

Do the right thing 

A car accident, minor or major, can have long-term effects that do not show immediately. The problems only begin to show up weeks or even months later. What happens then? Are you left out to dry? Doing proper diligence after an automobile accident might be what can save you. After an accident, get in touch with a Lafayette car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The involvement of a car accident attorney from the onset can smoothen proceedings, giving your claims the best chance for success.

Advantages of hiring a car accident lawyer

They know what to do immediately: One of the benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer is that they know the first/next steps to be taken. Think of it this way. If you had to handle this case yourself, you would spend most of your limited time trying to figure out the next step. You are frantically placing calls to friends and family, asking them what you should do. Hiring a car accident lawyer speeds things up as they know what paperwork to submit, who they should submit it to, and the next steps. Car accident lawyers will move your case faster.

They help to gather evidence: Your case for claims rests on you proving that your car accident was the fault of another person. You need to prove that this person was more at fault for your accident than you. Car accident attorneys know that they have to find any hints of negligence. The car could have been speeding, switching lanes without care, or even driving distracted. A car accident lawyer searches for evidence early on and documents it. This evidence can make or mar your case.

They represent you in court: The most obvious reason for hiring a car accident attorney is court representation. If the case needs to go to court, you need a lawyer by your side. If you need to be in court to dispute a claim, a lawyer should be handling the case. 

They know the law and the legal system: Car accident attorneys know the traffic laws and how they can work to your advantage. They know how to use the traffic laws to prove who is at fault. A car accident lawyer can prove that the other party broke the traffic, explain how it caused the accident, and show how the other party is at fault. If you are not familiar with the traffic laws, then you should get someone who is. Their expertise can make a difference in your case.

They have negotiation skills: A good car accident lawyer is a skilled negotiator. It is one of the skills vital for the job. When you are in an accident caused by another party, the other party’s insurance will get involved. These insurers have years of experience getting people to settle for less. Get a skilled negotiator by your side, someone skilled in dealing with these nifty players. Hire a car accident attorney to negotiate for you and get you the best compensation.

Get Guidance

If you or a loved one are involved in a car accident, hire a competent car accident attorney. They will give you knowledgeable guidance through the process of filing claims. The lawyer can even handle the matter while you go about your day doing more productive things. A car accident lawyer will resolve your stress, give you legal guidance, and negotiate what is fair on your behalf.