Tips for Lawyer in Writing Legal Articles that Search Market

Tips for Lawyer in Writing Legal Articles that Search Market

A website is a very important thing to support the business of a law firm. If the website is well managed and filled with useful legal articles, it is not impossible for the firm to get (potential) clients from the website.

writing legal articles sought by market share requires special expertise.

1. Determine the theme sought by your market

The theme plays a very important role. Of course, this can be done by lawyers by doing a little research to find out what is being needed by the market or your clients, for example from the industry, from what search engines are like, what the case is and so on. Make it as informative as possible with the style of the language mixed in such a way that fits their tastes.

What values ​​should we see. Not our value. If we use language, then look for something that is easy for them to understand. The word bankruptcy is two different things, but the market sometimes uses bankruptcy sometimes does not understand. Enter in the article the words of bankruptcy and then we work on procedures that are in line with bankruptcy. It makes it easier for them so they can understand.

2. make articles using keywords that are sought after

by determining keywords because digital present is cooler. Therefore, you must first ascertain topics or issues that are or are happening in the community. By ascertaining the topic or issue will bring up the keywords that are needed and are being sought by the market or your client so that the legal articles created will bring in a lot of visitors. So we wrote an article that would have those keywords.

3. make the outline of the writing with the principle of inverted pyramid

In an inverted pyramid structure an article begins with a summary or climax in the opening paragraph. So, the core of important information (leads) is written in the first paragraph. Then proceed with the body or important details in the form of further explanation of the 5W 1H element which is briefly explained in the lead or first paragraph. Then, end with additional information that contains further explanation, or background information (background) or things related to the core of the news / story above.

“So, you have to win the reader’s heart first. If the lawyer is usually the most sought after article about the how, for example how to arrange this permit, that and so on,

4. first spill out all ideas based on point by point in the outline

Elaboration follows. When ideas already exist, try to spill them all into writing in the form of points per point and then elaborate.

5. read a lot in order to get input

Lots of writing if it’s not balanced with lots of reading will only produce blank writing. For this reason, it is important for lawyers to set aside time to read even if only briefly. Reading is like food for the writer, what he eats will affect the resulting writing. So, reading is a must for lawyers if you want the writing to be more contained.

6. editing at the end

Regarding editing, the lawyer can check whether the ideas to be conveyed are stated clearly and clearly in the article. Do not let the intention to convey a number of ideas, suggestions, or your input can not be understood or confuse your market or client. What’s more, the spelling and grammar must also be correct.

7. the title is made last

Apart from being interesting, the title does not need to be made at the beginning of the writing stage. Because, the content that has been created and edited is sometimes no longer the same, so the title must be changed in accordance with the description of the content and purpose written by the lawyer. Therefore, making the title can be done in the final process in making the legal article. “If you want to make it, don’t make the title at the beginning. Because it would be dizzy to think the title of the paper is not finished.